Listed in Zhejiang Province's 2021 demonstration major industrial investment projects.

DiBiBi Jiangling HQ with a total investment of 100 million US dollars.

Zhejiang DiBiBi Technologies Co., Ltd.

She is an important member of the DiBiBi brand corporate organization.

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Founded in 2011, Invested by UK DOUX BEBE TECHNOLGIES and a number of PhDs, She is a Sino-British joint venture.

Zhejiang DiBiBi’s business scope covers R&D, production and sales of garden products, outdoor household, and baby products etc. smart home field product lines; Most of the products have certificated certifications at all levels such as safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency in major countries around the world.

Our company’s business covers major countries around the world, and is trusted by large and medium-sized brands and buyers.

Our production strength

Zhejiang DiBiBi Technologies Co., Ltd.
has sufficient software and hardware conditions for production.

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Jiangling plant area of 80,000㎡

the first phase of the project with a total investment of 100 million US dollars built in 2021.

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Dongmei plant area of 20,000㎡

total investment of 47 million US dollars built in 2014.

Our Plant’s production departments:

Precision workshop, sheet metal workshop, welding workshop, spraying workshop, mold workshop, plastic injection workshop, Plastic blowing workshop, sewing workshop, electrical workshop, dust-free purification workshop, assembly workshop, packaging workshop, etc.

The main production equipment:

Large, medium and small plastic injection molding machines, large plastic blow molding machines, CNC machining centers, laser cutting machine pipe cutting machines, laser welding equipment, bending machines, stamping equipment, automatic spraying lines and waste-free catalytic combustion environmental protection equipment, various types of industrial robots, and automated packaging lines.

Warehouses at all plants:

The total storage area is 14,000㎡, and the large-scale use of three-dimensional shelves and mechanized loading and unloading vehicles ensures the production of materials and customer stockpiles.

Our company’s R&D center has intelligent and automated production equipment R&D department, Gradually implement automated production transformation in each production workshop, and the goal is to basically achieve intelligent production.

Our company has 480 employees, of which senior technical personnel account for more than 20%.

Our company’s functional departments are complete, and have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 system certification, We have equiped Digital SAAS ERP, OA and other software systems are used for standardized management.

The strength of our research

We have set 3 R&D centers in east china

1648561920 Jinhua RD base 1.jpg
1648561939 Jinhua RD base 2.jpg
DiBiBi Jinhua Dongmei R&D base:

with 6000㎡  and 120 employees.

1648561927 Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center 1.jpg
1648561923 Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center 2.jpg
DiBiBi Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center:

with 500㎡  and 40 employees.

1648562710 Hangzhou Nord RD center 1.jpg
1648561930 Hangzhou Nord RD center 2.jpg
DiBiBi Hangzhou Nord R&D center:

with 1000㎡  and 70 employees.

Zhejiang DiBiBi Technologies Co., Ltd., officially certificated by the relevant departments of governments at all levels as:

China’s national high-tech enterprises,

Zhejiang Province science and technology smies,

Zhejiang Province Specialized Special New Hidden Champion Cultivation Enterprise,

Jinhua Patent Demonstration Enterprise,

Safety production standardization enterprises,

Jinhua Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision Trade Secret Protection Demonstration Enterprise.

Our company has an officially certificated Zhejiang provincial enterprise technology research and development center,Responsible for the development of a number of major new product projects and major scientific and technological plan projects in Zhejiang.

Our company now holds more than 150 patents for domestic and international inventions and designs, More than 20 software copyrights, 10 software product certifications, We have won many international design awards such as the Red Dot Award.