Meet consumer demand with innovative technologies.

3 R&D centers

DiBiBi brand in East China set 1 R&D base and 2 R&D centers

1648561920 Jinhua RD base 1.jpg
1648561939 Jinhua RD base 2.jpg
DiBiBi Jinhua Dongmei R&D base:

with 6000㎡  and 120 employees.

1648561927 Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center 1.jpg
1648561923 Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center 2.jpg
DiBiBi Hangzhou Singapore innovative design center:

with 500㎡  and 40 employees.

1648562710 Hangzhou Nord RD center 1.jpg
1648561930 Hangzhou Nord RD center 2.jpg
DiBiBi Hangzhou Nord R&D center:

with 1000㎡  and 70 employees.

Dream Team of DiBiBi

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A great start

At the beginning of the brand’s establishment, We gathered a group of young people who love life and are sunny and happy.

It was they who made up the original technical team.

These young people have PHd’s from many famous universities in the world and outstanding college graduates in China.

They have a stylish lifestyle, imaginative thinking and a passion for quality living.

These elements frame our brand.

1648800351 dream team.jpg
Team development

After more than 11 years of development, we already have a technical team of more than 100+ people, and senior technical talents account for more than 20% of the total persons of the company.

2 persons holds high-level talents at the provincial level in Zhejiang; 5 persons holds national senior engineer titles; 6 of whom holds PhdS.

We have set up our own technical forum and employee club, Everyone finds their own value in living here.

We welcome more people with dreams to join us, to Start our common business.

Research projects

1648909168 Research projects.jpg

DiBiBi has a zhejiang provincial enterprise technology research and development center officially certificated by the government in Jinhua.

it’s has a strong design and development capabilities.

Undertake the development of major new product projects at the provincial level in Zhejiang every year,major science and technology plan project development.


1648884400 DBB.jpg
In the field of garden & outdoor living products

We have developed a variety of stylish design, powerful greenhouse products and storage shed products.

In the field of baby and child products

Our high-end strollers are favored by consumers worldwide.

Smart home product

At the same time, we have also developed a variety of smart home products, It has a number of software copyrights and invention patents.

As of now, We have more than 150 invention and design patents, more than 20 software copyrights, and 10 software product certifications.

We have Won many international design awards such as the Red Dot Award.

Our technology specialty

1648908771 Intelligent2.jpg


We have mature Internet of things, can real-time remote access to the greenhouse internal environmental parameters and video images, remote or automatic control of exhaust system, sprinkler dropper system, shading system, etc., to ensure that the greenhouse environment suitable for crop growth.

The world’s leading artificial intelligence technology applied to the research and development of intelligent equipment such as cleaning robot, can make intelligent, automatic work.

1648903129 Mechanical structure.jpg

Mechanical structure:

  1. Based on the latest mechanical structure principle design of super-stable greenhouse material components, so that it has a higher structural strength, stable and reliable;
  2. Through the reliable mechanical design, so that the greenhouse accessories perfect combination, more universal, easy to daily maintenance.
1648903252 Industrial Design.jpg

Industrial Design:

  1. We have a professional team of industrial designers, according to your needs for the greenhouse appearance and structure design, so that it is more suitable for the use of the environment;
  2. The fashionable and interesting design style shows the tonality of DiBiBi brand, which is different from other general brands.
1648903132 Electronic Technology.jpg

Electronic Technology:

Based on mature electronic technology to develop a variety of baby and child electrical products and household intelligent products, combined with their own powerful software development ability to make our products more intelligent, more practical.

1648903134 Disinfection chemicals.jpg

Disinfection chemicals:

We have made great achievements in the research and development of HCIO technology applied to disinfection products, which can make HCIO in any high and low concentration of 1 ~ 1000ppm long-term stability, and the accuracy up to 0.1ppm.