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“To become the brand of first choice for garden&outdoor consumers around the world by providing high quality products and excellent customer service!”

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With new leadership at the helm, we focus on improving customer service and maintaining strong partnerships.
With this in mind, we share our business mission statement.

Become the distributor of the DiBiBi brand

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DiBiBi is a French drived brand of Garden & Outdoor Living, which is a global leader and practitioner of trendy Outdoor Garden living.

Since its inception, DiBiBi has been committed to improving people’s quality of life and making living full of trendy and fun with fashionable design and intelligent products.

Starting from the baby’s products, the brand has further developed into outdoor & garden’s products.

Zhejiang DiBiBi Technologies Co., LTD. She is an important member of the DiBiBi brand corporate organization, founded in 2011 by DOUX BEBE TECHNOLGIES and some PhD’s, which is a Sino-British joint venture.

The Zhejiang DiBiBi company develops, and produce garden products, outdoor products, baby products and other intelligent living field product lines; with complete product series, leading technology, excellent craftsmanship, we obtained most of the world’s national safety certifications.

In order to expand the global market faster and provide better products and services for consumers in all regions of the world, we recruit distributors worldwide.

We will provide you with first-class products and supporting services to help you open the desired market faster and get more business benefits.

If you have one of the following advantages,
we welcome you to become our distributor.

You have supermarkets and stores. Professional stores and other offline sales channels.

You have online sales channels.

You have your own sales channels.

Our goods

We provide more than 100 kinds of products such as greenhouses, cold frames, outdoor storage sheds, garden storage  boxes, swimming pool cleaning robots, household disinfectant, baby’s products.

  1. Comprehensive coverage of home gardening, outdoor activities, baby rearing and other living needs and trendy pursuits;
  2. Provide 200,000 pieces of stock inventory and 500,000 pieces of goods short-term supply service.
  3. Achieve global commodity synchronous supply, so that you and distributors worldwide have the latest products and keep up with market trends.
  4. Offer competitive supply discounts to protect your profit margins.
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Speed delivery, create smooth logistics experience for you and your customers.

Provide a variety of delivery solutions according to your needs.


We provide you with professional product recommendations and after-sales solutions, with more than 11 years of brand market experience for your business advice.

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