The goal is growing to a smart factory by 2027.

Manufacturing base

At present, DiBiBi already has 2 production plants, With modern office buildings and well-equipped production workshops, The total production area is 100,000 square meters.

1685169854 DBB Industrial Park 2
Jiangling plant area of 80,000㎡

the first phase of the project with a total investment of 100 million US dollars built in 2021.

1648560988 Jiangdong plant.jpg
Dongmei plant area of 20,000㎡

total investment of 47 million US dollars built in 2014.

The production

Our production workshop is designed and built according to smart factory planning, and JIT lean Production system standards; now the hardware and software are fully equipped.

The plants is equipped with a new generation of production lines and equipment, using automated and partially semi-automated production modes, precise and efficient.

Coupled with the mature production management system, the production capacity is more than 3 times that of the traditional production mode, Fully meet the needs of international customers for large-scale orders.

Now our factories is currently under construction in the digital workshop and future smart factory.

1648775660 content Manufacturing DBB DouxBeBe 11.jpg

Production management

We use the mature ERP and OA system for the enterprise’s production process, logistics, capital flow and other aspects of a comprehensive integrated management, so that the operation of the enterprise to achieve digital, intelligent, improve the efficiency of enterprise operation.On this basis, flexible production can be realized and the loss of manpower and material resources can be reduced.

Plenty of Employees

We have 300+ mature industrial workers, Settled regular skills training and quality learning, And to provide a full range of living and medical protection.

Setted a large restaurant in the campus that can accommodate 400+ people to eat at the same time.

Employee’s living

We formed an employee club, In addition to production, enrich the lives of employees, improve the happiness of employees, and enhance corporate cohesion.

The company will provide employees with corresponding benefits on traditional holidays, Help difficult employees to solve difficulties together, Celebrate the joy of the newlyweds of the employees’ families, Make employees feel more at home.