DBB showcased new products at the SPOGA+GAFA 2024 exhibition in Germany, attracting numerous customers

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On June 16, local time, the SPOGA + GAFA 2024 exhibition in Cologne, Germany officially opened. The DBB brand attracted the attention of many customers at the SPOGA + GAFA 2024 exhibition, showcasing the latest aluminum alloy carport and barn-type greenhouse, as well as improved plastic storage cabinets.

Cologne Exhibition Germany0017

DBB aluminum alloy carport adopts new aluminum alloy materials and advanced production technology, which is lightweight and durable, and can be customized in color and size according to user request. Whether you are an individual user or a business user, you can find the right solution.

At the exhibition site, DBB staff enthusiastically introduced the features and advantages of these products to customers and answered their questions. Many customers expressed strong interest in DBB’s products and expressed their hope for further understanding and cooperation.

Cologne Exhibition Germany0012

The success of this exhibition not only showcased the strength and innovation ability of the DBB brand, but also won more attention and recognition in the market. We look forward to DBB’s continued development in the future to provide customers with more high-quality products and services.

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