The Lite L2 series Cold Frame 6ft

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    L2 series Cold Frame

    High strength, transparent polycarbonate Cold Frame;

    Can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays;

    High elastic polycarbonate plastic wall, not easy to break;

    Made of solid aluminum alloy without rust;

    Classic and practical design ;

    The use process is maintenance free ;

    Effectively protect plants from adverse weather and provide a suitable growing environment;

    Greenhouses are available in a variety of sizes and colors;

    Product Video-Installation:


    cm feet cm feet cm feet cm feet cm feet
    WIDTH 164 5.38 54 1.77
    LENGTH 55 1.8
    HEIGHT 50 1.64 54 1.77 40 1.31

    COVERING AREA = 0.95M2 / 12FT2


    1648013300 L and S series PC boards.jpg

    Clear Polycarbonate Panels

    Crystal-clear polycarbonate panels allow over 90% light transmission;

    Panels block up to 100% of harmful UV rays for safer gardening;

    High-resiliency safe transparent polycarbonate; does not fracture, turn yellow, opacify, or shatter over time;

    1648013338 LSA series aluminum frame.jpg

    Aluminum Frame

    Non-rusting aluminum frame provides a highly durable and extra-rigid structure;

    Galvanized (rust-resistant) steel perimeter base for increased durability and stability;

    1648013381 S series easy installation structure.jpg

    Easy assembly

    Sliding assembly system ;

    Uniform profiles for all positions ;

    Hinged door can be assembled as a right or left hand door;


    The Lite 6×6
    The Lite 6×6
    The Lite 6×6

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