Good looking and practical! PC board aluminum alloy greenhouse!

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PC sunlight board assembled greenhouse, also known as DIY courtyard greenhouse, is assembled by PC transparent sunlight board and aluminum alloy frame. The products are mostly used as simple thermal insulation sheds for cultivation and maintenance of vegetables, flowers, trees and other plants. With the improvement of people’s living standard,Such green garden products are becoming more and more popular.


1648117946 The Advanced A1 series DBB DouxBeBe Greenhouse 8ft


Greenhouse products are diverse, in terms of size, there are large, medium and small series of products. As far as the structure is concerned, there are walls and freestanding greenhouses.
The small greenhouse against the wall is suitable for the courtyard, the roof of the building, the balcony and other places, which can make rational use of the effective space, so that you can enjoy the pleasure of life brought by the maintenance of flowers and plants.

Medium-sized greenhouse greenhouse has a strong combination of extensibility, can be assembled according to their own needs, mostly used in private gardens, suitable for the maintenance and storage of flowers and plants.

Large greenhouses are mainly used for agricultural breeding, urban farms, ecological restaurants and so on, which can provide better leisure places.
There are many benefits to a greenhouse made of PC sun panels and aluminum alloy.


1648116901 The Ultimate U1 series DBB DouxBeBe Greenhouse 12ft

First, the appearance of the greenhouse is beautiful and the structure is simple. Compared with the traditional glass sunroom, the design of greenhouse greenhouse is more portable. The assembly is very simple and the disassembly is very convenient, which is especially suitable for home gardening.




And secondly, that PC sunlight board has good light performance, better weather resistance and age resistance, has a service life of at least 5 years, and fully meets the needs of common household horticulture. The sunlight board can also preserve heat and insulate heat, and is more environment-friendly;

Third, the structure is stable and the process is mature. Whether it is against the wall or independent, the frame design is very scientific and reasonable. It can realize standardized production and mature technology.

Fourth, the color is diverse, the specification, the size is rich, always has suits own one.

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