Multi-purpose Greenhouse

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A greenhouse provides ideal conditions for propagating plants and the warmth, shelter and excellent light will no doubt see your plants grow from strength to strength. But a greenhouse can be used to indulge other hobbies to. In this instance the greenhouse is being used to host a fused glass workshop. The staging has been cleared to provide a number of workstation for the willing participants . The natural light in a greenhouse makes it easy on the eye making it a comfortable place to relax and indulge in your hobbies, it doesn’t always have to be about plants.


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And you don’t have to have a huge greenhouse either, just enough space for a chair perhaps where you can sit and do your thing be it knitting, painting or even just sitting and contemplating your gardening endeavours. It’s a welcome retreat from the demands of the house, where you can relax and spend quality time doing what you enjoy most.

So when planning a new greenhouse you might give some thought to what other uses it can be put to. Such things could influence the size or even the position of the greenhouse.

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