Snow pressure test for The Lite L1 series Greenhouse

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The L1 series greenhouses have been improved by many experiments and have withstood the snow pressure of 60 kg/m2. This means that our greenhouse can adapt to extreme snowstorm weather, which greatly improves the performance of the greenhouse.

All kinds of greenhouses produced by DBB will be tested to meet the needs of different environments. Our customers come from Europe and America, and the weather in many areas is complex and changeable, so the performance of the greenhouse is very important.


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The panels and frames assembled in the greenhouse are high performance and high quality materials, which have passed rigorous quality testing, scientific structural design and rigorous physical environment testing. The wind resistance of some models is up to 80km/H and the snow pressure resistance is up to 120kg/m2. It has some ability to resist extreme weather.


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Our greenhouse has a variety of series, colors and sizes, to meet the different needs of consumers. Each product comes with instructions and installation videos.  All parts are treated with rust prevention, and most models can resist salt spray for 72 hours. Resistant to environmental erosion.  All accessories provide 1 year after-sales guarantee, some models of quality assurance period up to 10 years.

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