The novel design makes the DouxBeBe greenhouse go to the global market

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Zhejiang DouxBeBe Technologies Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of greenhouse products, including six series of greenhouse and flower garden products. Different series of products correspond to different needs of consumers, you can find your favorite products here.

1648118413 The Standard S1 series DBB DouxBeBe Greenhouse 8ft


Our greenhouse products are mainly made of aluminum alloy frames and PC sheets, which can be assembled by consumers at home, which is very convenient and fast. It can create an environment suitable for plant growth and protect your plants from wind, rain and low temperature.

1648014633 U series ventilation


We have a very professional team of designers and engineers to support a large number of private customization, we can design the greenhouse style you need.


Price is also one of our advantages. The mass production mode reduces the production cost of greenhouse and makes our products more competitive. Our products have been sold to Europe, America and many other places.

1648192693 fx 12.jpg


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