The third jump in the DouxBeBe brand in 13 years

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The British DouxBeBe brand has upgraded its logo design for better development, marking the third brand upgrade in 13 years. The English name of the brand has been officially changed from DouxBeBe to ‘DiBiBi’.

The English name of “Zhejiang DouxBeBe Technologies Co., Ltd.”, one of its Chinese subsidiaries, has been changed from the original “ZHEJIANG DOUXBEBE TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.” to “ZHEJIANG DIBIBI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.“. The company address is “DiBiBi Industrial Park, 999 Jinxian Rd., Jindong, 321042, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China”.

The new brand logo ‘DiBiBi’ is simpler, more recognizable, and has richer brand connotations. While retaining the original brand element DBB, it added three ‘i’. They represent the three meanings of “Initial”, “Intelligent”, and “Inspiration”, which are also the cultural genes of DouxBeBe brand.

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‘Initial’ refers to ‘initial intention’. Since its establishment, DouxBeBe brand has always adhered to the brand concept of “fashionable design and trendy lifestyle”. We inherit French fashion aesthetics, collaborate with numerous designers around the world to design, rely on the development and research results of modern horticulture and smart home, pay attention to healthy and environmentally friendly material selection, and provide global consumers with more trendy, interesting, professional, and safe high-quality products and services, meeting people’s aspirations for comfortable, trendy, and personalized life.

‘Intelligent’ refers to intelligent software and hardware. The new generation of products developed by DouxBeBe all adopt intelligent modules, which are more in line with the daily needs of modern people. For example, in plastic storage room products, we are equipped with independently developed intelligent control systems, including automatic lighting systems, autonomous ventilation systems, etc. Intelligence is a trend in the development of modern products and a direction pursued by DouxBeBe brands.

‘Inspiration’ implies the uniqueness of DBB products.We pay great attention to independent research and development in the product development process, and strive to create distinctive and personalized products to provide customers with a unique product experience. Our product has a unique design that is clearly different from similar products. At the same time, we also support customers in private customization and provide satisfactory design solutions, truly achieving “individuality” and “uniqueness”.

This brand upgrade has elevated the DouxBeBe brand to a new height, with richer brand connotations. We can foresee that the DouxBeBe brand will usher in a new era. Our development will be more stable and mature. Our products will also reach every corner of the world, providing global consumers with a brand new experience.

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