A large number of greenhouses in Britain are idle, and the cost of a single cucumber may be nearly 0.7 pounds.

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Due to climate constraints, many farms in the UK use greenhouses to grow crops and use natural gas to heat greenhouses. Since this year, the price of natural gas has continued to rise, and some farmers have had to suspend greenhouse planting, resulting in a shortage of common agricultural products such as cucumbers, eggplants and tomatoes in supermarkets.


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Changes in climate conditions remind me of global warming,Many games will be designed according to the theme of global warming, so that people will gradually pay attention to global warming in the game. The impact it has on you is endless. The cost of growing a cucumber in the UK last year was about £ 0.25 and it has now doubled. As energy prices continue to rise, the cost of a cucumber may rise to 0.7 pounds.


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