China Greenhouse Horticulture Industry Conference 2022

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“China Greenhouse 2022” is the standard abbreviation of the series of activities of “China Greenhouse Industry Conference and China Greenhouse Horticulture Industry 2022 Conference” co-sponsored by China Greenhouse Network & Greenhouse Magazine and China Facility Horticulture Science and Technology and Industry Innovation Alliance. Since the beginning of “China Greenhouse 2002”, it has been the 20th session.The annual meeting has become a unified communication platform at five levels, including government, scientific research, enterprises, growers and international industries.

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Expected goals to be achieved

We hope that through the annual greenhouse horticulture annual meeting, practitioners can further understand the new changes in policies, new needs of growers, new trends in the market, new trends in capital and new trends in technology under the domestic and international agricultural development environment. Especially if it can be held in different regions, we will combine the climate characteristics of specific regions.According to the requirements of local industries, specific discussions on China’s greenhouse 2022 Zhejiang will be carried out to solve specific problems in order to improve the technical level of facility horticulture and promote the further development of the industry.

Time & Place & Size

Time: June 27-30, 2022, registration on June 27;
Venue: New Century Grand Hotel, Hangzhou, Zhejiang;
Scale: 800 people are expected to attend the meeting


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