A record high! The daily shipment of DouxBeBe Jiangdong factory reaches 5000 pieces!

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China’s E-commerce Double 11 Shopping Carnival is drawing to a close, and DouxBeBe has received a large number of orders during the festival!

1668482355 Shipment from Jiangdong Plant2 scaled


On November 12, 2022, the daily shipment of Jiangdong factory reached 5000 pieces! This is the highest number of shipments per day after the DouxBeBe Jiangdong plant has been put into operation for three months.


1668482497 Shipment from Jiangdong Plant4 scaled


More than 20 employees of the Logistics Department worked together to successfully complete the loading work by using the four loading platforms newly put into use in the same month!

1668482539 Shipment from Jiangdong Plant5

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