Construction of cooling water circulating system in DouxBeBe plant area started

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On November 1, 2022, the civil works of 300t/H cooling water circulation system developed and constructed by our company began to be constructed.


1668408047 Water circulation system of DouxBeBe plant2 scaled1668408054 Water circulation system of DouxBeBe plant3 scaled


The self-developed TERKKIN control system is used for large-scale injection molding equipment, large-scale extrusion molding production line equipment and mold cooling. The pipeline is 1000 meters long, with a water cooling capacity of 300 tons per hour and a water storage capacity of 280 tons. It is installed in Building 1 of the park, which is the largest cooling water system in the park at present.


1668408102 Water circulation system of DouxBeBe plant1 scaled

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