The interior decoration project of Building 3 in Terkkin Park invested by DouxBeBe officially started

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On November 5, 2022, the commencement ceremony was held for the 5,000-square-meter interior decoration project of Building 3 of the Terkkin Industrial Park invested by our company. The total investment of the decoration project is 10 million yuan, which will be used to improve the R & D office environment, build testing laboratories and improve the living area of employees.

1667793005 DouxBeBe Decoration2


Group leader Xiao Yongyi and deputy group leader Zhu Xiongjie of the Decoration Management Group of Building 3 in the Industrial Park of our company led the group members, relevant staff of the Decoration Company and relevant designers of the Design Company to attend the ceremony.


1667793034 DouxBeBe Decoration3 scaled1667793041 DouxBeBe Decoration4

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