“Government and enterprises work together to strengthen confidence and overcome difficulties” — — Jindong District carries out centralized office activities to DouxBeBe development

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On the afternoon of July 10, the leaders of Jinhua City, Li Xiongwei, Li Jun, Ruan Ganghui and Hu Xiaohang, came to Jindong District to carry out on-site centralized office activities of “Steady Progress and Quality Improvement”. Huang Guojun, Mao Shiliang, Li Jianhui, Lv Xian, Tang Jiangang and other district leaders participated.

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This activity is carried out in the form of city and district linkage, with a total of 10 reception groups. In the form of on-site centralized office, according to the principle of “no obstruction, no screening, no time limit”, we jointly receive representatives of enterprises, listen to and understand the production and investment situation of enterprises face to face, listen to the suggestions, difficulties and needs of enterprises, provide face-to-face services such as policy interpretation, problem solving and problem solving, collect practical difficulties of enterprises face to face, and promote the implementation of various policies to help enterprises. On that day, more than 100 entrepreneurs came from all over Jindong to communicate face to face with the leaders of the reception team.


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Dr. Hu Zhenhai, General Manager of Zhejiang DouxBeBe Technology Co., Ltd., reported the construction of the first phase of DouxBeBe Jiangdong Project to the leaders of the reception team, and introduced the investment expansion plan for the second phase of the project, hoping that the district government would agree to expand the land volume ratio index. Huang Guojun, Secretary of the District Committee, expressed great support and arranged to coordinate with the heads of relevant departments to draw up the consent on the spot. The representatives of the enterprises present were deeply touched by the vigorous style and efficient work of the government leaders.


Zhejiang DouxBeBe Jiangdong Park is a demonstration major industrial investment project in Zhejiang Province in 2021, with a total investment of about 370 million yuan, a total construction area of 60000 square meters, and an annual output value of 1 billion yuan after completion and put into operation.


The first phase of the project has been successfully completed, and the second phase of the project is about to start. DouxBeBe will fulfill its mission, complete the project construction with quality and quantity, speed up the production line construction of greenhouse, outdoor storage box, storage room and other products, and release production capacity as soon as possible. Let many babies be able to base themselves on East China, radiate the world, and advance to a larger market!

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