Zhang Qingqi, Deputy Director of Jinhua Science and Technology Bureau, and His Delegation Visited Dongmei Factory of DouxBeBe Technology Co., Ltd.

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On the morning of July 4, Zhang Qingqi, Deputy Director of Jinhua Science and Technology Bureau, Ms. Qian Zhuoying, President of Jinhua Science and Technology Information Research Institute, and Cai Jinbiao, Chief of Industrial Science and Technology and High-tech Section, visited DouxBeBe Dongmei Factory. Hu Zhenhai, General Manager of DouxBeBe Technology Co., Ltd., received and introduced the relevant situation of the enterprise.

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The leaders visited the production area and sample area of the factory successively, understood the operation of the factory and the relevant information of various new products in detail, and inquired carefully about the problems encountered in the development of the enterprise.

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Under the new economic situation, the government management departments pay special attention to the development of local science and technology enterprises, and a good relationship between government and business will promote the faster and healthier development of enterprises. Under the new situation and new challenges, Duobao Company will not forget its original intention, create more value for customers and bring more economic vitality to the local area.

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