Build the greenhouses for
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DiBiBi Project Support Center

Provide you with professional greenhouse design and manufacturing services

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Project support team

Our project support center is managed by a dedicated team of experienced technicals. The team uses DiBiBi’s expertise in greenhouse design and manufacturing to provide you with the best product solutions.

Best prodcut solutions

In the past 11 years, the project support center team of DiBiBi has provided a variety of greenhouse products design and manufacturing services for government departments, various enterprises and organizations. With mature operation mechanism, it has won the deep recognition of many customers.

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Building your dream

Our greenhouse products are installed by customers in many countries and regions for different uses. We ensure your vision becomes a reality by combining innovative material technology, advanced manufacturing capabilities and dedicated logistics and customer support.

Greenhouse design and manufacturing one-stop service

The project support center team is composed of structural engineers, designers, technical consultants, material engineers, with the purpose of providing a better technology mix solution to fully meet your various needs. Our team has accumulated a lot of valuable experience in the practice of many years, can provide a variety of professional services until you realize the initial wishes.

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Programme design stage service

  • Quick matching of product specifications for each project
  • Adjust the design while preserving the client’s wishs
  • Designers create better design details
  • Professional consulting for design conferences
  • Expert advice on materials and engineering
  • Create a greenhouse conceptual structure design
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Implement stage service

  • Create a dedicated installation guide for each project’s product
  • Project product manufacturing site guidance
  • Monitor and manage project product quality
  • Special seminars are held on request

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